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Rock-N-Roll Collectable Playing Cards

Rock-N-Roll Collectable Playing Cards
Rock-N-Roll Collectable Playing Cards
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The Rock 'n Roll HeroDeck playing cards feature fifty-two of the greatest musicians in Rock 'n Roll's history. Thoughtfully organized, the face of each playing card is colorfully illustrated with a different hero ... this deck is sure to make heads bang with Rock 'n Roll fans of all ages!

The Rock 'n Roll Musicians Included:
Alice Cooper
Axl Rose
Bob Dylan
Bob Seger
Bon Scott
Bruce Springsteen
Carlos Santana
Chrissy Hynde
David Bowie
David Crosby
David Gilmore
Eddie van Halen
Eddie Vedder
Eric Clapton
Frank Zappa
Freddy Mercury
Gene Simmons
Grace Slick
Janis Joplin
Jeff Beck
Jerry Garcia
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Joan Jett
Joe Walsh
John Fogerty
John Lennon
John Mellencamp
Keith Richards
Kurt Cobain
Lars Ulrich
Lou Reed
Michael Stipe
Mick Jagger
Mick Jones
Neil Young
Ozzy Osbourne
Paul McCartney
Pete Townsend
Robert Plant
Rod Stewart
Roger Daltry
Roger Waters
Ronnie Van Zant
Sid Vicious
Steve Miller
Steven Tyler
Stevie Nicks
Tom Petty
Trent Reznor